Wrapping up

March 25, 2009

As should be clear by now, I remain fascinated by the social media channels Facebook and Twitter.  I also am using Blip.fm under the DJ name SpinnerLP, I have a Posterous account, and (it is intuitively obvious, as my college calculus professor would say, about 30 times in a 50 minute lecture) I am blogging.  I have left my cyber-prints so many places I can’t keep track.

I believe this is too good and too pervasive among the population younger than me, for us (who are charged with marketing and communication*) to ignore it.  There are a couple of items  that I discovered in the last 24 hours that I want to share with you , and then call it a day (on Social Media) for the time being.

Ok, that’s three…I’ve linked to Mashable in a previous post…just wanted you to note it, again.

Blessings to you and all whom you love

(* One of the 14 Core Competencies for Church Administration)


Gonna ride this horse for awhile

March 23, 2009

Yup, I’m really hooked.  But I think you might want to know more about this.

I monitor the posts in a couple of Google Groups…ChurchBIT and ChMS Discussion.  Recent discussions in both of these groups (independent of each other…maybe it’s something in the air) are about Social Networking tools/sites that are specifically for churches.  One of these discussions led me to this blog-site that has access to a survey for church people to take and get info from.  Give it a rip…

And, I’ve got no dog in this fight, but you also might want to look at BeOneBody, CircleBuilder, and LightsTogether

Blessings to you and all whom you love.

About that Social Media Jones

March 19, 2009

Ok, it’s been awhile.  If I didn’t spend 3-4 hours every night with my face stuck in Twitter, Facebook, and the trails they lead me down, I’d write more.

At my association’s chapter meeting today, we had my friend Tony Dye presenting his pretty deliberate thoughts on Social Media.  We have been pleased and privileged to have Tony as a regular presenter for our group.  Today, Tony explored with us some good arguments, both for and against, wholesale use of social media by churches.  It stimulated a lot of good discussion and questions.

I came away from it with two main thoughts – it’s not the be-all and end-all for communicating in our arena, and we are missing something if we don’t also use Twitter, Facebook and the like to complement the channels we’ve always used.  Any casual study of churches today makes one see that young adults are not showing up.  The good news is there is some evidence we may have figured out what we need to do to engage this set.  It is clear to me a primary way for us to let them know is via social media.  Most of them will see it if we do.

The biggest gain for me as I have explored social media is the trails leading to really bright and energetic people.  One of them is a fellow who has written a book called “Why Churches must Twitter.”  I plan to get this soon as I can figure out the PayPal thing.  Another place that I can send you with good conscience is Mashable – take a look at this host of people you might want to follow.

Social Media

January 29, 2009

During and ever since my vacation over the Christmas and New Year holidays, I have become entranced (hooked, really) by Facebook and Twitter.  CopyBlogger just sent out this link to something he sees is useful to business marketing.

Duct Tape Marketing

I wonder what opportunity there is for social media to spread our message about Jesus’ love for mankind, and attract interest in the truths we know to work?

Stewardship v Spiritual Discipline

January 27, 2009

We are trying something different in my church (not where I work, where I am in leadership as a member) this year with how we are approaching our stewardship.  This is to be published in the weekly newsletter, following up a letter that was sent to the congregation soliciting a statement of giving.

You may be wondering why we are asking you to write a statement of how much you are planning to give to the church this year, and then seal it in an envelope to be mailed back to yourself later in the year…and nobody will know what’s in it.  Isn’t that just silly?


We hope you will think not.  What we hope for is that you will realize that the church does not need to depend on some forecast of what you plan to give.  Rather, the church needs to depend on your personal continued growth in your relationship with the Lord.  The church is not a dues collecting organization.  When you became a member of the church, there was only one requirement…that you confess, “Jesus Christ is Lord.”


What is the substance of that confession?  When Jesus was asked, “…what is the greatest commandment?”  he answered from scripture in Deuteronomy, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength”  If we are loyal to our confession of Jesus’ Lordship over our lives we must continually strive to love Him with our obedience to His call upon our lives.


As you know, the Finance Team is responsible for Stewardship in the church.  For many that means, the Finance Team has to “raise the money” that the church will use to fund its budget.  We hope to shift that idea from a “fund raising” concept to being about raising your Spiritual consciousness of what it means to be generous toward the Lord.   We plan to offer lessons in cultivating a Spiritual Discipline of generosity, rather than try to convince you of some obligation your membership in the church portends, or that the church needs your money.


And so, what we are asking for in your statement of what you plan to give to the church this year—that is completely private, known only to you and the Lord—is for you to consider how much you love the Lord your God, and what you want to do this year to deepen your relationship with Him.  “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”



Opening log

January 17, 2009

This is for Church Administrators…hoped to be of some help to anyone who works in Church Administration and happens to stumble upon it.