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Survey of Church Event Management Software

October 26, 2010

I posted a request for participation in a very brief survey a few weeks ago on the ChurchAdmin Yahoo Group.  Thanks to all who responded.  There were 35 responses to the survey.

The survey had just a few questions intended to elicit the range of software in use by churches participating in the ChurchAdmin group, how respondents liked the software and why, and what features were most important.  Here is what the survey said:

Which tool do you use?

% of total Like?
ACS Technologies 29% 50%
Shelby Systems 6% 50%
EventU 31% 95%
EMS / Dean Evans 3% 100%
Some other 31% 83%

A question about the response to the “Like?” question was added after about a dozen entries were made.  Of the 23 remaining responses, 16 people gave an answer.  Almost all said they liked having the calendar online (web display and web registrations.)  Of those who said they did not like what they were currently using, the responses were about ease of use and stability of the software.

If “Some other tool” was the tool of choice, I asked what it was.  The responses were, Google Calendar (4), Logos (2), and one each for ministrEspace, Shepard’s Staff, Connection Power, MyChurch Events, and Outlook.

When asked about the features that were most important the choices and responses looked like this:

Avoid overbooking 83%
Publication on the web 40%
Online registrations 29%
Reporting capabilities 20%
Simplicity/ ease of use 54%

Thanks again to all who participated….all done to help me make a decision (it’s down to EventU and ministrEspace)…hope it will be helpful to some of you, also.