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A little about me…

Chataquan is a moniker I made up when I started a journal as a private blog last year.  Chataqua is an American Indian term for “story.”  It is the word Robert M. Pirsig used to describe his book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” in its foreword.

Every life has a story, and sub-stories within.  My current story is my longest.  It began when I became reacquainted with a wonderful gal I had met years before, courted her, asked her to marry me, and she agreed.  I was almost 42 then.  A couple of years later we had a daughter.  As of now (Jan 2009) she is fourteen.

In the intervening years I lost the best paying job I ever had, got an MBA, retreated from active reserve service as a commander in the Naval Reserve and was hired into my current vocation, the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.  Sometimes it is frustrating–retired seminary president Louis Weeks calls it “scutwork“–but working around mature Christians rubs off on a fellow.  And man, does it make for true vocation, or “calling!”

I just began my ninth year with my current and only employer in this field.  In 2005 I earned the Fellowship credential in our professional association.  All along, I have been an active member and leader in a local chapter of the NACBA.  It is clear to me that figuring out what works elevates a practice to a common practice, and when we refine what does and does not work in discussion with practitioners and experts, we are elevating the common practices to Best Practices.

It is my hope that you will gain useful information from what you find on this blog.

William H. Spinks, Jr. , MBA,FCBA, CRM
(but you can call me Bill)
Church Administrator
Clairmont Presbyterian Church
1994 Clairmont Rd
Decatur, GA

Please note, opinions expressed by me are purely my own and do not represent the teachings or doctrine of my employer.


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