Book review: What Difference Do it Make?

by Ron Hall and Denver Moore (with Lynn Vincent)

Denver Moore: “One day I asked Mr. Ron, ‘Mr. Ron, all these white folks be invitin us to their Bible studies. How come none of ‘em’s invitin us to their Bible doins?’” (The opening line of Chapter 21, What Difference Do it Make?)

You may have read Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore (with Lynn Vincent) about the improbable friendship of a wealthy international art dealer, his Christ following wife, and an illiterate homeless man who’d been raised in modern slavery as a sharecropper in Louisiana. When Ron and Deborah Hall met Denver Moore he was threatening bodily harm to a group of about 20 other homeless people and workers in the Union Gospel Mission of Fort Worth.  But Mrs. Hall’s Christian regard for Mr. Moore eventually convinced him that he was loved, even when he was unlovable.  Mr. Hall’s love for his wife led him to understand that Mr. Moore was not all that different from him.

Not long after, Deborah Hall lost a battle with very aggressive cancer.  Having become friends, Mr. Moore and Mr. Hall felt they should tell the story of how Mrs. Hall had wrought such profound change in both their hearts, and that’s how Same Kind of Different came to be.  If you haven’t already, you will probably want to read the first book after reading this one.  The story of this profound change of heart is continued in this book, about how people who stoop a little to help another person up have changed lives as a result.  The difference that it makes is what happens when people put their Bible studies into action, into Bible doins.


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